Kelley B.

Queen of Caribbean Groovy



 A sexy chick

playin’ a mean horn,

keyboards and singin’ too?

Just wait till you see her blow

that horn!



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Forward (feat. Kelley B.) - Hot Like Fire       

Kelley B.

 A sexy chick playin’ a mean horn, keyboards and singin’ too? That’s Kelley B.! Her band, Hot Like Fire emerged as the most sought after authentic reggae party band on the East Coast music scene for over 25 years. Now she is moving forward with her career and has relocated to Florida touring with Miami’s top reggae band Inna Sense.
Kelley B.’s answer to “Which of your CDs has more trumpet on it?!” ..THIS ONE!  She has finally recorded a fully instrumental trumpet CD just for you entitled, you guessed it… MORE TRUMPET! ! This new recording is a collection of reggae, soca and world flavored tunes for your trumpeting pleasure! Currently playing on Pandora radio.  Her 2012 CD ‘Forward’ has brought Kelley B. into the national spotlight and the music videos are very popular on YouTube!

Kelley B. is a hot, exciting and fun performer that always leaves her audience calling for more.  Just wait till you hear her blow that horn!   Yeah yeah!

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